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Does your Xbox 360 have the 3 red light error ?

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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Xbox 360 repair guide

Fixing your xbox 360 console can be an expensive task where the initial cost of xbox 360 repair ranges from $140 upwards depending on the severity of the damage. Many technicians claim you need certified people to fix your console but this is far from the truth!

  1. With Xbox 360 3RedlightFix you'll learn how to fix all your common 360 problem like graphic errors, freezing, overheating and also the dreadred "3 red light error". It also teaches you the skills to repair all your friends xbox 360's and even buy broken xbox 360 consoles, repair them, and get double the money for them by selling them on ebay.

Thousands of people are reporting errors with their Xbox 360 console and with this informative ebook and easy to follow instructions you can avoid been the "sucker" and save tons of $$$.

If you want to find out more about this ebook you can goto my website here -> Xbox 360 repair guide

I've also made an hub about it too called Easy xbox 360 repair guide

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