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Friday, December 7, 2007

Xbox 360 repair discussion - Learn to fix the "3 red ring of death error " in 30 mins by yourself!

Hey guys and girls! As I've said before the sole purpose of this blog was to help people with their xbox 360 repair issues. I've known lots of friends and family have problems with their xbox 360 and I tell you most were at the stage of sending their 360 back for a refund! Sure, the Xbox 360 comes with a warranty however you'll be waiting for at least 4-6 weeks to get it looked at and in some situations you have to pay the postage fees to get it sent to Microsoft.

Forntunately there's options out there that can get your xbox 360 console up and running in 30 minutes. Chris Jones has released a manual called the Xbox 360 3redlightfix that teaches you using your own household tools to repair and fix your Xbox 360 console in less than 30 minutes! Chris Jones has written a detail ebook (manual) that walks you through the steps of repairing the "3 red rings of death error" and how to fix freezes, overheating and graphics errors. Also included are video demos showing you how to do it and they're easy to follow! This manual is ingenious and has saved thousands of people money and time! To find out more about Chris's xbox 360 repair guide click on the link below-


Anonymous said...

I purchased a repair guide, I won't say which one but one of the debated top two guides. The guide claimed I could fix my xbox within a short period of time, with common household tools, with great customer service. Yes while the guide looks like you can have your xbox fixed in a few hours it is not an easy fix, they claim its permanent when most of these guides have only been around for a couple years, oh and they claim a very reassuring MONEY BACK GUARANTEE but when you go to use that great "24/7 customer service" on their "support" page, it says your date of purchase and email are invalid, of course right? my email and date were correct every single time, everything was correct, all 10 or so times (2 different computers [macbook pro and toshiba]) i tried to submit a support request. which pretty much means support is not there. I gave these people a benefit of the doubt that they were there to help, you can find many PERSONAL reviews online, ironicly only webpages that have been made reviewing the same few guides. I STRONGLY dis encourage anyone from buying any xbox repair guide. Your options should be: warranty repair for free from xbox(you may be under extended warranty even if you think your warranty was up, find out), you can pay microsoft to fix it even though i've heard them do it for free for people(you would expect them to, my xbox360 elite is just one year old this month, treated excellently with below average use, and now it's done and I have to wait give or take a month or two to play it again? without even a guarantee that the problem will not reoccur?). good luck to everyone who is in this situation, but the repair guides aren't gonna get you playing in 2 hours unless you have thermal paste lying around.

Anonymous said...

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