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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Three red lights fix - Xbox 360 repair guide

If you are having problems with your xbox 360 and its showing the three red light error then don't sweat it, there is a xbox 360 repair guide that get your xbox 360 going without costing you a dime!to fix the three red lights error all you need is a screw driver and a repair manual to fix the xbox 360 three red lights.

First off, you need to get a hold of torx screw drivers, if you don't own any then pop down to the local hardware outlet where you can get them cheap!

The three red light error blinks on your 360 to indicate that there is a hardware failure on your console and that it needs to be fixed.A technique that alot of people used is unplugging all the cords and leave your xbox 360 off for 20-25 minutes then turning it on again.. After reconnecting it see if things are back to normal, if not and the error still persists then remove the hard drive and reinstall it again..

Wires and cords can sometimes get loose and cause errors to pop up on the console.

If that did not fix it you will need to open it up at this point.No video display or not being able to read disks is the most common problems to appear.If it is a video problem then replace the video cable with another one or borrow one from a mate.If you still have no video but audio is working you will need to check the soldering connections on the main board for the video connector.. Always refer to your instruction manual to make repairs inside your console.

When your discs are not reading on the Xbox 360 and is coming up with errors then check if your discs are clean.This is a common reason for xbox 360 three red light errors. After that you may have to replace the DVD drive or if you have the skills you can remove the DVD drive and replace just the pick up assembly. Replacing the assembly is cheaper still! before trying this make sure to follow what it says in the xbox 360 repair guide.

You don't want to neglect using your Xbox 360 games, because your console is missing. I prefer to do my own mods and repairs. Its better to do your own repairs aAn Xbox 360 is muh like a home PC, in a sense its a mini computer.Repairing your own Xbox 360 console can help you learn how your system works and even give you the skills to fix other Xbox 360 systems. Alof of people do this as a side line for extra income.You'll have no problem getting work as people will seek you out for fix their xbox 360 three red lights error. So use your new skills to make some quick cash repairing xbox 360 systems with the 3 red light error.. Friends and locals would rather have people they know fix their consoles.

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