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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Xbox 360 3 Red Lights Error Fix? - Use a Xbox 360 Repair Guide

The most dreaded error to ever hit your Xbox 360 is the Xbox 360 3 red lights error, this problem is the most commonly known on the console and you'll find at least one of your friends has experienced it before. Many of my mates have told me that their console have become unworkable as this error had totally crippled their machine. Its a frustrating experience, and one you don't want to suffer!

What Causes The Three Red Light Error?

When Your Xbox 360 starts flashing 3 red lights its indicating that your console is overheating and systematicially shuts itself down like a fail save mechanism. This is due to the compact nature of the machine itself, the original size did not allow for sufficient cooling as the interior components were too close together thus not creating a steady flow of cool air thru the machine to keep the temperture stable. This error causes the machine to shut down immediately and stop working until the machine is cool enough, however is some cases the console has stayed overheated for too long and in the end permanently damaged the whole machine. Sometimes if the Xbox 360 showed three red lights error it meant that there was some lose connections or they became undone, these problems are easy to fix if you have the right tools.

What You Should Avoid Doing!

Some people claim that wrapping your Xbox 360 in a wet towel can eleviate the error and help it cool down, this is untrue and can infact make your 360 console overheat even more, some have reported to melting their consoles! These "quick fixes" will only repair your xbox for the short term but should never be considered a permanent fix. What you really need is a Xbox 360 repair guide that can show you proven methods and techniques to repairing any xbox 360 problem that might occur - especially the dreaded 3 red lights error or RROD.

What Options Do I have Available?

Of course you can send your Xbox 360 to Microsoft. However, if you have voided your warranty or it has expired then you will be required to pay a small fee (approx $150 including postage fees). Another thing worth considering is the wait time for your console to be looked at and repaired, this can take 4 -6 weeks if you're lucky.

If you're cheap and don't like waiting or spending money on fixing stuff, then you can try some DIY. There are several "quick-fixes" you can try. Many have reported success with disconnecting the hard drive and reconnecting then switching the machine back on, others have tried diconnecting all the cables then replugging them and turning on the console, or they have opened the console box and got a air gun and blew out all the dust and debris that cloggs the fans and air passages. all these have been met with limited success. These techniques may work, but you have to take extra care or risk voiding your warranty.

The risks are too high if you try to repair it yourself and can actually do more damage in the long run. To be safe you can choose downloading a Xbox 360 3 red light error repair guide that will teach you step by step how to fix any xbox 360 error or problem that might arise. The manual comes with easy to follow instructions and videos to get your 360 working in a matter of minutes.

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