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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Three red lights fix - Xbox 360 repair

Looking for a Xbox 360 three red lights fix? If you are experiencing the three red lights error then don't worry you can find a three red lights fix!All you need is some tools from dads garage and a handy instruction manual (xbox 360 repair guide)that can show you how to fix 3 red lights on your xbox 360.

Before you start fixing your xbox 360 you need some torx screw drivers , these can be found at the local hardware store if you don't have any in your garage.

The three red light error blinks on your 360 to indicate that there is a hardware failure on your console and that it needs to be fixed.A technique that alot of people used is unplugging all the cords and leave your xbox 360 off for 20-25 minutes then turning it on again.. Re-connect everything and try it again, If you are still getting the error remove the hard drive and re-install it. Wires and cords can sometimes get loose and cause errors to pop up on the console.
If these fixes don't cure stop the 3 red light error then you will have to open the console upNo video display or not being able to read disks is the most common problems to appear.

If you have no video you can try a different video cable, borrow a friends if you do not have another one. Sometimes the audio is still working but there is no video display, if that's the case then inspect the soldering connections to the main board form the video card.. Always refer to your instruction manual to make repairs inside your console.
If your Xbox is not reading the disks or getting disk errors make sure your disks are clean.You may need to replace the assembly in the dvd drive if the 3 red light error still occurs , try removing it then replacing it with a new one.Replacing the assembly is cheaper still! As mentioned before, be sure to refer to your manual for instructions.

Another option is to send your broken xbox to Microsoft and wait for an age to get it back repaired. { I prefer to do my own mods and repairs.|Its better to do your own repairs aXbox 360 consoles consist of the same parts of a normal desktop PC, so it can be viewed as a small PC.

Once you learn about the inner workings of you game console and repair it you will become real popular with your friends when the game breaks down. You'll be the talk amongst your friends So use your new skills to make some quick cash repairing xbox 360 systems with the 3 red light error.. Its more assuring to have a person people know, to do their repairs for them.

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Friday, October 24, 2008

How to fix an Xbox 360 - Xbox 360 repair manuals

Fixing a Xbox 360 problem can be a daunting task for someone who has no experience at all. Luckily, there is Xbox 360 repair guides on the internet that have been written to tackle any Xbox 360 problem known to man! These guides are step by step downloadable manuals that can show you how to repair graphic errors, overheating, freezing, faulty hardware and also the most dread problem that all Xbox 360 gamers fear – “Red Ring of Death”

The one advantage of having an Xbox 360 repair manual is not only will it teach you how to troubleshoot and fix any problem on a Xbox 360 but it will give you the required knowledge to go out and fix any other 360 console that your friends and gamers might need fixing! Even better still, you can repair faulty 360 consoles that people have thrown out, repair them and sell them for a profit! All you need is a few things like a screw driver some pilers and items that can be found in the kitchen and garage and you are well on your way to becoming a Xbox 360 repair man. So save yourself the hassle and $140 repair fee to fix your Xbox 360 and learn to DIY fix your Xbox 360.

Many people have reported having success in doing their own repairs on their consoles and some have gone onto making this a profitable side business for them in repairing Xbox 360’s. It doesn’t take an Einstein to do this and you don’t need to call the local technician which will charge you large amounts of money to just come out and inspect it.

So don't time and get your xbox 360 up and going in under an hour!!

As I said before there are many manuals to choose from but I found a guide that can get you repairing your xbox 360 in a matter of minutes visit – How to fix an Xbox 360

Friday, September 26, 2008

Xbox 360 three red lights error - Xbox 360 repair guide

Do you have the Xbox 360 three red light error? Well don’t sweat it because there is help out there that can get your gaming back on track. All you need is a few tools from the garage and a xbox 360 repair guide.

To fix your xbox 360 3 red light error the most important tools you need are a good set of torx screwdrivers. These tools can be found from the hardware store if you don’t have any at home.
When you see the three red light error it means your 360 console is experiencing a general hardware failure. There are several quick fixes you do perform like: disconnecting all the plugs and leaving your console off for 20-30 minutes then plugging everything back into the 360 and seeing if the problem has rectified. If the problem persists and the 3 red lights is still showing you can then try disconnecting the hard drive and install it again. Sometimes the hardware becomes loose and needs refitting.

If the problem is still there then you have to open the console up and that’s where it can get tricky. That’s when a good xbox 360 repair guide comes into play and can walk you through the steps on how to repair any xbox 360 problem that exists.

To find out more into about how to fix your own xbox 360 problem like the 3 red light error please visit – Xbox 360 three red light error.

Friday, August 22, 2008

A Top Xbox 360 repair guide - How to fix the 3 red ring of death

The most annoying thing that can ever happen when gaming is have your xbox 360 fail on you thus ending your hard earned night for dedicated gaming on your xbox 360. Alot people that bought the 360 when it was first released experienced the dreaded "3 red ring of death" or RRoD as its more commonly known.

When people had this trouble you were told by Microsft that you have sent it there repair people to have it serviced and be even required to fork out $140 for repair and shipping - money that could be saved to buy another game!

However some clever people out on the net created some useful xbox 360 repair guides that could teach you from scratch how to repair your own 360 console and elimate the RRoD or three red lights error for good!

The 3 Red Ring of light error is mainly caused by overheating by the high end part of the console , this problem is caused by the systems compact nature thus preventing it from receiving enough air flow to cool the Xbox 360s CPU and other high end components , when hardware overheats it results in freezing and the 360 shows three red lights indicating that it has overheated.

So if you want to avoid waiting 6 weeks and forking out $140 dollars for repair and servicing costs you need to find yourself a Xbox 360 repair guide that can teach you how to fix the 3 red light error and also teach you how to repair other common problems like graphic freezing , faulty disc trays , overheating and more....

To give you a head start i found a great guide that can gives you a complete walkthrough on how to repair the RRoD and other xbox 360 problems or troubleshoots in the space of ONE HOUR!!

This guide comes with a easy to follow xbox 360 repair manual and instruction videos that can show you exactly how to go about fixing the 3 red light error and any other prob you might come across!!

To get your copy of this ulitimate guide goto -> 3 Red Light Fix Repair guide

Check out a demo video below!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Xbox 360 troubleshooting

If you bought the Xbox 360 when it first came out and you're reading this post then I most likey your experiencing Xbox 360 problems like the three red light error (RRoD) and trying to perform some xbox 360 troubleshooting with little success!

"You've probably read or watched some youtube vids and applied some free technics like the "towel trick" or "Clamp technique" but not realise that these methods ARE ONLY TEMPORARY FIXES!"

BUT DON'T WORRY, there are genuine easy to follow guides out there that can show you how to fix the Red ring of death" or any other common 360 problem you'll encounter.

The great thing is you don't have to be a electrician or Microsoft engineer to fix your xbox 360, all you need is a screw driver and some kitchen utensils!!

One such guide I found that is simple to follow and walks you through step by step on any xbox 360 problem you maybe troubleshooting is Chris Jones Xbox 360 "3Redlightsfix". When you watch Chris's videos you'll wonder why you almost spend that money on getting a Microsoft technician to fix your Xbox 360!!

To check out Chris's guide to repairing your xbox 360 goto -> Xbox 360 troubleshooting

Friday, February 1, 2008

3 red ring of light error fix guide

Some of you have heard of the X-Clamp or towel trick to fix the three red light error of your Xbox 360 but this is only a temporary fix and can actually cause greater long term damage to your console and more importantly void your warranty.

I've had lots of friends try these quick fix methods and only end up with melted motherboards and costly repair builds, some have ended up trashing their Xbox 360's and buying a new one!!

I got afew videos here that show the towel method but most of these dudes find after a couple of hours or if your lucky afew days at the most!!

However there are guides out there that do fix the "Three red light error" and not have to worry about sending it to Microsoft and waiting for an eternity for it to be done!! Chris Jones has made a guide that teaches you how to permanently fix the Xbox 360 3 red light error - click here to get it now!!

I got this video from youtube about the how to apply the famous "Towel trick" , note that the guy mentions that he has to do this every few days to keep his Xbox 360 running!!

I totally recommend getting Chris Jones guide to fixing the 3 red light error - I've followed his guide and it works like a charm!! The guide is easy to follow and has step by step video tutorials that teach you how to fix the dreaded "3 red light error" or "three red ring of death" as its commonly known as. Click the link below to get Chris Jones guide now!!