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Friday, July 17, 2009

Xbox 360 Repair Guide - Fix the Xbox 360 3 Red Ring of Death Error

As a consequence of rushing the xbox 360 a year early than first scheduled the console has suffered from over heating issues due to poor design. Having a compact size does not allow the 360 from recieving sufficient ventilation to cool the components that make the xbox 360 function. If the system does over heat the machine will show three red rings of light and immediately shut down.

How to Combat the 3 Red Light Error for XBox 360

You can send it to Microsoft to be repaired but this can be a very lengthy process as it can take weeks to have it tested and sent back to the owner.No one wants to have their console gone for days or months, its annoying and can be avoided by using a Xbox 360 repair guide. This manual that can be found online can teach simple techniques that can fix the three red light error and have you playing in minutes.

Even though you have a warranty be mindful that it could take weeks to have it checked and sent back to you, the costs are free but there are simple quick fix methods that can solve the problem on the spot, the xbox 360 repair manuals can show you step by step how to do it, you'll be amazed how easy it is.

However, there are plenty that have voided or had their warranty expire. Sending to Microsoft can cost tons of money and sometimes its probably better writing it off as a loss and buying a new one instead. But if you have the right information readily available most of these issues can easily be fixed by yourself.

Its your choice,but I know what I would rather do!

So if you love gaming and can't handle the down time then downloading one of these repair guides will be the best investment you ever made! You'll be absolutely blown away by how easy it is to fix your Xbox 360.

Thinking that only a technician can repair xbox 360 consoles is far from the truth, using a simple xbox 360 repair guide has fixed many problems that can arise all by following the straight forward instructions - 3 red lights, freezing , overheating, drive mal functions, are easily fixable by DIY solutions contained in the repair guide.

Making home repairs to your Xbox doesn't require expensive tools , some you can fix with a screw driver. Other stuff can be bought down at the local hardware store for under $20.

One of the great features of these online repair tutorials is the additional video helps that walk you through the process of how to fix your Xbox 360 in minutes. So don't worry if you don't follow written instrucitons well.

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