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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Fixing Xbox 360 problems with Chris Jones guide - Freezing , Overheating, three red lights error

Here's another ebook I found that offers some great insight into how you can repair your broken xbox 360 console. Most of all its cheaper too. $23 wow. click here to get it now -> Chris Jones -Xbox 360 Red light fix.
Ever since the release of the Xbox 360 , Microsoft had been receiving thousands of complaints about various faults and problem caused by their console. These problems range from disc scratching when a game is played, freezing , overheating and the infamous "3 red lights error" or "Red ring of death".
The guy in the video below demonstrates how his own Xbox 360 is scratching his games -

There are little tips and tricks out there that claim to fix the problems e.g. the "Towel trick" but they only last for afew days then you have to redo it again (e.g.towel trick) to make it function properly!
However there are some really good tutorials and DIY guides on the net that teach you how to fix your 360 console, the one I've choosen to talk about is the "Xbox3603redlightsfix" by Chris Jones.
In this guide Chris teaches you how to permanently fix all the common faults and problems you'll encounter on the Xbox 360. The tutorials in this guide are straight forward and easy to use, what makes this guide great is the inclusion of video demos on how to fix xbox 360 problems. If I was to recommend a product it would be this one!!
To get Chris Jones "Xbox3603redlightsfix" click here

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