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Friday, September 26, 2008

Xbox 360 three red lights error - Xbox 360 repair guide

Do you have the Xbox 360 three red light error? Well don’t sweat it because there is help out there that can get your gaming back on track. All you need is a few tools from the garage and a xbox 360 repair guide.

To fix your xbox 360 3 red light error the most important tools you need are a good set of torx screwdrivers. These tools can be found from the hardware store if you don’t have any at home.
When you see the three red light error it means your 360 console is experiencing a general hardware failure. There are several quick fixes you do perform like: disconnecting all the plugs and leaving your console off for 20-30 minutes then plugging everything back into the 360 and seeing if the problem has rectified. If the problem persists and the 3 red lights is still showing you can then try disconnecting the hard drive and install it again. Sometimes the hardware becomes loose and needs refitting.

If the problem is still there then you have to open the console up and that’s where it can get tricky. That’s when a good xbox 360 repair guide comes into play and can walk you through the steps on how to repair any xbox 360 problem that exists.

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