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Friday, August 22, 2008

A Top Xbox 360 repair guide - How to fix the 3 red ring of death

The most annoying thing that can ever happen when gaming is have your xbox 360 fail on you thus ending your hard earned night for dedicated gaming on your xbox 360. Alot people that bought the 360 when it was first released experienced the dreaded "3 red ring of death" or RRoD as its more commonly known.

When people had this trouble you were told by Microsft that you have sent it there repair people to have it serviced and be even required to fork out $140 for repair and shipping - money that could be saved to buy another game!

However some clever people out on the net created some useful xbox 360 repair guides that could teach you from scratch how to repair your own 360 console and elimate the RRoD or three red lights error for good!

The 3 Red Ring of light error is mainly caused by overheating by the high end part of the console , this problem is caused by the systems compact nature thus preventing it from receiving enough air flow to cool the Xbox 360s CPU and other high end components , when hardware overheats it results in freezing and the 360 shows three red lights indicating that it has overheated.

So if you want to avoid waiting 6 weeks and forking out $140 dollars for repair and servicing costs you need to find yourself a Xbox 360 repair guide that can teach you how to fix the 3 red light error and also teach you how to repair other common problems like graphic freezing , faulty disc trays , overheating and more....

To give you a head start i found a great guide that can gives you a complete walkthrough on how to repair the RRoD and other xbox 360 problems or troubleshoots in the space of ONE HOUR!!

This guide comes with a easy to follow xbox 360 repair manual and instruction videos that can show you exactly how to go about fixing the 3 red light error and any other prob you might come across!!

To get your copy of this ulitimate guide goto -> 3 Red Light Fix Repair guide

Check out a demo video below!

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