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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Xbox 360 three red light fix - Three red lights

With some basic tools and a decent repair manual you can fix it yourself.

You will need a set of torx screwdrivers, If you do not have a set you can pick up a cheap set at your local hardware store.

When the Xbox 360 three red light error flashes on your console it generally means a hardware problem.. If the problem still exists after reconnecting the cords then try removing the hard drive and reinstall it again. This is another popular xbox 360 red light fix.. Sometimes they get loose and you get a bad connection.If these fixes don't cure stop the 3 red light error then you will have to open the console up The most common failures are no video or disks will not read. Both can be repaired fairly easy.

If it is the video display , try using another one or just get one down the gaming store or friends house.If you still have no video but audio is working you will need to check the soldering connections on the main board for the video connector.. Make sure you follow the manual on how to do it, don't try it without one or you will cause further damage.

When your discs are not reading on the Xbox 360 and is coming up with errors then check if your discs are clean.This is a common reason for xbox 360 three red light errors.However if that does not fix it then you might have to buy a new dvd drive which can be picked up cheapor you can replace the assembly!This is a lot cheaper than replacing the whole drive.

But if you don't want to fix it then you can send your console to Microsoft and have it on the waiting list for weeks! You don't want to neglect using your Xbox 360 games, because your console is missing.{ I prefer to do my own mods and repairs.Its better to do your own repairs aAn Xbox 360 is muh like a home PC, in a sense its a mini computer.Xbox 360 repair is now easy with good instruction manuals available online.

'Repairing your own Xbox 360 console can help you learn how your system works and even give you the skills to fix other Xbox 360 systems. You can make a good income with this knowledge of how to repair the 3 red light error.You'll be the talk amongst your friends There is some good money to be made performing repairs on consoles. People would much rather have someone local do their repairs.

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