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Friday, February 1, 2008

3 red ring of light error fix guide

Some of you have heard of the X-Clamp or towel trick to fix the three red light error of your Xbox 360 but this is only a temporary fix and can actually cause greater long term damage to your console and more importantly void your warranty.

I've had lots of friends try these quick fix methods and only end up with melted motherboards and costly repair builds, some have ended up trashing their Xbox 360's and buying a new one!!

I got afew videos here that show the towel method but most of these dudes find after a couple of hours or if your lucky afew days at the most!!

However there are guides out there that do fix the "Three red light error" and not have to worry about sending it to Microsoft and waiting for an eternity for it to be done!! Chris Jones has made a guide that teaches you how to permanently fix the Xbox 360 3 red light error - click here to get it now!!

I got this video from youtube about the how to apply the famous "Towel trick" , note that the guy mentions that he has to do this every few days to keep his Xbox 360 running!!

I totally recommend getting Chris Jones guide to fixing the 3 red light error - I've followed his guide and it works like a charm!! The guide is easy to follow and has step by step video tutorials that teach you how to fix the dreaded "3 red light error" or "three red ring of death" as its commonly known as. Click the link below to get Chris Jones guide now!!

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