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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Xbox 360 3 Red Lights Error Fix? - Use a Xbox 360 Repair Guide

The most dreaded error to ever hit your Xbox 360 is the Xbox 360 3 red lights error, this problem is the most commonly known on the console and you'll find at least one of your friends has experienced it before. Many of my mates have told me that their console have become unworkable as this error had totally crippled their machine. Its a frustrating experience, and one you don't want to suffer!

What Causes The Three Red Light Error?

When Your Xbox 360 starts flashing 3 red lights its indicating that your console is overheating and systematicially shuts itself down like a fail save mechanism. This is due to the compact nature of the machine itself, the original size did not allow for sufficient cooling as the interior components were too close together thus not creating a steady flow of cool air thru the machine to keep the temperture stable. This error causes the machine to shut down immediately and stop working until the machine is cool enough, however is some cases the console has stayed overheated for too long and in the end permanently damaged the whole machine. Sometimes if the Xbox 360 showed three red lights error it meant that there was some lose connections or they became undone, these problems are easy to fix if you have the right tools.

What You Should Avoid Doing!

Some people claim that wrapping your Xbox 360 in a wet towel can eleviate the error and help it cool down, this is untrue and can infact make your 360 console overheat even more, some have reported to melting their consoles! These "quick fixes" will only repair your xbox for the short term but should never be considered a permanent fix. What you really need is a Xbox 360 repair guide that can show you proven methods and techniques to repairing any xbox 360 problem that might occur - especially the dreaded 3 red lights error or RROD.

What Options Do I have Available?

Of course you can send your Xbox 360 to Microsoft. However, if you have voided your warranty or it has expired then you will be required to pay a small fee (approx $150 including postage fees). Another thing worth considering is the wait time for your console to be looked at and repaired, this can take 4 -6 weeks if you're lucky.

If you're cheap and don't like waiting or spending money on fixing stuff, then you can try some DIY. There are several "quick-fixes" you can try. Many have reported success with disconnecting the hard drive and reconnecting then switching the machine back on, others have tried diconnecting all the cables then replugging them and turning on the console, or they have opened the console box and got a air gun and blew out all the dust and debris that cloggs the fans and air passages. all these have been met with limited success. These techniques may work, but you have to take extra care or risk voiding your warranty.

The risks are too high if you try to repair it yourself and can actually do more damage in the long run. To be safe you can choose downloading a Xbox 360 3 red light error repair guide that will teach you step by step how to fix any xbox 360 error or problem that might arise. The manual comes with easy to follow instructions and videos to get your 360 working in a matter of minutes.

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Friday, January 29, 2010

A Simple Explanation about Xbox 360 Repair Guide

Playing games with Xbox 360 is such fun. But, this excitement will be totally diminished at the time we find out that this gaming device is broken. Many people choose to hire a professional to repair the Xbox 360. But, it is much suggested if you try to read some articles that discuss about xbox 360 repair guide so you can fix the problems by yourself. It is very useless if you hire a professional for a mere problem in your Xbox. That is why you need to know some simple tips about xbox 360 repair guide so the trivial problems that occur to your gaming device can be handled by yourself.

There is some basic knowledge that you have to acquire related to your Xbox 360. It includes the common fatal errors that the users often done to their Xbox and also the tips about take care the gaming device so it is not easily broken. In this xbox 360 repair guide xbox, I will also give you some simple methods in dealing with trifling troubles with your Xbox. There are some common errors that the users of Xbox often practice. These errors eventually bring a problem to the Xbox which we need to fix it immediately with a help of 360 repair guide.

When you are playing with your Xbox, the appliance often gets hang in a long period. It is usually happening if we play with the Xbox for quite a long time. Electronic device is also like human, it needs a break to make the hardware is cooling down. However, such an incident is still common to occur and when it happens, the users are not trying to get some help from xbox 360 repair guide, but just practice the common fatal errors to the Xbox. Certain people wrap the console with a towel in order to make the temperature is lowering. Some other people even dare to hit their Xbox and assume that the hit will make the gaming device work properly. Those practices are totally wrong and not suggested by any kind of xbox 360 repair guide.

Many articles that talk about xbox 360 repair guide say that it is much better to avoid an incident rather than to fix it. Those wise words are obviously true. Though xbox 360 repair guide are very beneficial for you to fix your Xbox, but it is much suggested if you treat your gaming device properly so it will not be broken. You have to place your Xbox in a cool area. A spacious room with good air distribution will be perfect for the Xbox. Separating the power chord from the unit after you have finished playing with it is also advantageous to decrease the heat.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Xbox 360 Repair Guide - Fix the Xbox 360 3 Red Ring of Death Error

As a consequence of rushing the xbox 360 a year early than first scheduled the console has suffered from over heating issues due to poor design. Having a compact size does not allow the 360 from recieving sufficient ventilation to cool the components that make the xbox 360 function. If the system does over heat the machine will show three red rings of light and immediately shut down.

How to Combat the 3 Red Light Error for XBox 360

You can send it to Microsoft to be repaired but this can be a very lengthy process as it can take weeks to have it tested and sent back to the owner.No one wants to have their console gone for days or months, its annoying and can be avoided by using a Xbox 360 repair guide. This manual that can be found online can teach simple techniques that can fix the three red light error and have you playing in minutes.

Even though you have a warranty be mindful that it could take weeks to have it checked and sent back to you, the costs are free but there are simple quick fix methods that can solve the problem on the spot, the xbox 360 repair manuals can show you step by step how to do it, you'll be amazed how easy it is.

However, there are plenty that have voided or had their warranty expire. Sending to Microsoft can cost tons of money and sometimes its probably better writing it off as a loss and buying a new one instead. But if you have the right information readily available most of these issues can easily be fixed by yourself.

Its your choice,but I know what I would rather do!

So if you love gaming and can't handle the down time then downloading one of these repair guides will be the best investment you ever made! You'll be absolutely blown away by how easy it is to fix your Xbox 360.

Thinking that only a technician can repair xbox 360 consoles is far from the truth, using a simple xbox 360 repair guide has fixed many problems that can arise all by following the straight forward instructions - 3 red lights, freezing , overheating, drive mal functions, are easily fixable by DIY solutions contained in the repair guide.

Making home repairs to your Xbox doesn't require expensive tools , some you can fix with a screw driver. Other stuff can be bought down at the local hardware store for under $20.

One of the great features of these online repair tutorials is the additional video helps that walk you through the process of how to fix your Xbox 360 in minutes. So don't worry if you don't follow written instrucitons well.

Don't waste any time, learn how you can fix your 360 console in under an hour, fix any xbox 360 problem. To get your guide goto - Xbox 360 repair guide

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fix all Xbox 360 faults with a easy to follow repair guide.

Whenever you start experiencing Xbox 360 faults, many times it's because of things you did. The rationale Microsoft hasn't had any huge lawsuits against them outside of the scratching games problem, is because most problems revolve around improper use. However, you bought this gaming console to play it right? Then you should be able to enjoy all the benefits without hassle.

The fix cost sometimes relies on whether or not your gaming console is still under guaranty. If you own the older Xbox, there won't be a guaranty left and in order to fix it you may have to literally take matters into your own hands.

If you see a little help, the 4 segments, then the gaming console is running into problems and you will need to work the Xbox 360 faults might be.

There are numerous codes that are related to each pattern, and though your manual will help, it won't and need to work out what the difficulty. When you see a red light, it is important to initiate a solution process that may relieve it as soon as possible. If in doubt, consult a reputable Xbox 360 Repair Guide for guidance on repairing the problem.

The only thing you own, there are routes to decide is how you are going to to have it fixed. It's only a few moments of time for years of gaming enjoyment.

Remember that it all boils down to whether you would like to spend the cash to have someone else do it for you. This is taking the easy way out, and you could be spending cash that you it fixed. It's just A fix of time for years of two months to fix your issue, but think about how fast it wish to do it yourself. What if you had all the answers to your problems in one book.

All you need to fix xbox 360 faults is a simple easy to follow 360 repair guide , to download one visit the link below:

Xbox 360 faults

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Xbox 360 Repair Guide Review - Can You Really Fix the Ring of Death?.

Thanks for reading my Xbox 360 repair guide report. Have you suffered the feared ring of death? If you have, you're not the only one. Ever since the launch of the Xbox 360 in November 2005, there has been a reoccurring technical problem rendering the Xbox 360 unstable.

The problem is so bad that there has been some court action to hold Microsoft in charge of the high failure rate among the Xbox 360 and to provide those patrons with compensation.

If you've got the ring of death on your console right now, don't worry, because I'm going to show you a technique that works in the long term (and it's not the towel wrapped round the console strategy ) .

There is a general feeling the basis of the reason behind the ring of death is an overheating problem. Whilst the issue fires by the overheating, that is not the actual reason for the failure.

Xbox 360 Repair Guide Fix

Make sure you get the right guide, because alot of them are selling the towel trick technique, which is exceedingly dodgy and not endorsed at all. Why? As it works momentarily, but WILL destroy your Xbox 360, by burning the electrical components on the motherboard. So implement that method at your own risk.

So what's the Xbox 360 Repair Guide I recommend?

Following the guide which I will direct to you at the bottom of this article is certain to work, and on top of that you should be ready to follow it. The guide includes videos for you to follow, so you need to have no problems following the steps to get back to what us gamers enjoy doing.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Xbox 360 Repair Guide - Is There Such Thing As A Working Xbox 360 Repair Guide? Find Out Here!.

Recently there has been a lot of debate about the Xbox 360 and the three red lights that light up when there's a hardware mistake meaning your $400 console has just turned into a particularly costly brick!

This article will tell you a bit about the three red lights mistake and why it occurs and also tell you if there's such thing as an Xbox 360 Fix Guide.

There are a number of different reasons the three red lights error happens and below are the commonest causes:

Cause 1: Overheating. If you believe the Xbox 360 has got heaps of very high end gaming parts inside, similar to a top of the range gaming PC.

This is a major speaking point and no one is sort of sure if this is gospel but a large amount of resources blame the GPU and the special coating they put on it with in the Xbox.

Another reason you can end up looking for an Xbox 360 fix guide is as the heat that the Xbox 360 lets out really warps the motherboard.

This would make the solders come loose and eventually you would finish up with the three red lights.Of course the above is just speculation and nobody truly knows for sure why this problem happens.

I hope this article has served as a tiny Xbox 360 fix guide and you may as well try the techniques above to see if it stops your problems.

After all what have you've have got to loose?.

For more info please visit - Xbox 360 three red light - to find a guide.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Three red lights fix - Xbox 360 repair guide

If you are having problems with your xbox 360 and its showing the three red light error then don't sweat it, there is a xbox 360 repair guide that get your xbox 360 going without costing you a dime!to fix the three red lights error all you need is a screw driver and a repair manual to fix the xbox 360 three red lights.

First off, you need to get a hold of torx screw drivers, if you don't own any then pop down to the local hardware outlet where you can get them cheap!

The three red light error blinks on your 360 to indicate that there is a hardware failure on your console and that it needs to be fixed.A technique that alot of people used is unplugging all the cords and leave your xbox 360 off for 20-25 minutes then turning it on again.. After reconnecting it see if things are back to normal, if not and the error still persists then remove the hard drive and reinstall it again..

Wires and cords can sometimes get loose and cause errors to pop up on the console.

If that did not fix it you will need to open it up at this point.No video display or not being able to read disks is the most common problems to appear.If it is a video problem then replace the video cable with another one or borrow one from a mate.If you still have no video but audio is working you will need to check the soldering connections on the main board for the video connector.. Always refer to your instruction manual to make repairs inside your console.

When your discs are not reading on the Xbox 360 and is coming up with errors then check if your discs are clean.This is a common reason for xbox 360 three red light errors. After that you may have to replace the DVD drive or if you have the skills you can remove the DVD drive and replace just the pick up assembly. Replacing the assembly is cheaper still! before trying this make sure to follow what it says in the xbox 360 repair guide.

You don't want to neglect using your Xbox 360 games, because your console is missing. I prefer to do my own mods and repairs. Its better to do your own repairs aAn Xbox 360 is muh like a home PC, in a sense its a mini computer.Repairing your own Xbox 360 console can help you learn how your system works and even give you the skills to fix other Xbox 360 systems. Alof of people do this as a side line for extra income.You'll have no problem getting work as people will seek you out for fix their xbox 360 three red lights error. So use your new skills to make some quick cash repairing xbox 360 systems with the 3 red light error.. Friends and locals would rather have people they know fix their consoles.

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